Disaster Management

District Emergency Operation Centre (Disaster Management Cell)

In 2001 Earthquake, there were huge losses in terms of lives and property because of which Government of Gujarat thought of Proactive Approach rather than Reactive Approach to deal with Disasters. Taking Base of this incident, Gujarat State Disaster Management Act, 2003 was passed under which a legalize framework was established namely Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority.
Under this structure in order to have better coordination for effective response during Disasters, Emergency Operation Centers were established in each district and at state level as well. District Emergency Operation Center carries out two activities:

Disaster Control Room (24X7)
Disaster Risk Management Programme (DRMP)

Disaster Control Room aims at effective disaster management by effective coordination and reducing response time through planned process which can be made possible by implementing DRM Programme in which various Capacity Building Activities, Awareness Programmes, etc. are being carried out along with preparations of Disaster Management Plans at all levels identifying the Hazards, Risks, Vulnerability Analysis of the District.
The main aim of this programme is to have better co-ordinative approach of response during Disasters and have Disaster Resilient Society.