About District

Chhotaudepur is a tribal district in the state of Gujarat in India. It was made taking some portion from Vadodara District in 2013.

The district consists of six talukas of Chhotaudepur, Pavijetpur,Kawant,Naswadi,Sankheda and Bodeli taluka. The district headquarters is located at ChhotaUdepur.

Chhotaudepur is a tribal dominated district and the district headquarters is located 110 km away from Vadodara. It shares its borders with the state of Madhya Pradesh. Chhotaudepur is the third tribal dominated district in eastern Gujarat after the Narmada and Tapi districts.

Chhotaudepur district has a forest area of 75,704 hectares and has deposits of dolomite, fluorite, granite and sand all of which are mined. The district is also home to a large dairy industry. The Rathwa tribals who live here produce the Pithora mural paintings by mixing colours with liquour and milk and then using it to depict intricate motifs and scenes on the walls of their village dwellings.